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Laptop & Desktop examples that meet the 2020 hardware requirements

Some may be out of stock, but could available within a week or two


See 2020 Hardware Requirements & Mac requirements below

You can try Best Buy for configurations that match the computers below.  They now have a selection of gaming computers that should work for you.

Recommend upgrading this HP to at least 16GB RAM

If you can afford 32GB, I would do it

Recommend upgrade to 16GB RAM Recommend upgrade to 16GB RAM


When selecting a computer, make sure it has "DEDICATED VIDEO RAM".  Words like Shared and Discrete video graphics are not the same.  If you see Intel/nVidia or Intel/AMD together in a video description, this is not the same as Dedicated video RAM.  I recommend 3 or 4 GB video RAM;  2 GB would be the absolute minimum.  If you plan to use a VR headset, the minimum should be 4 GB of video RAM.


Also, if you are looking to utilize a VR headset, such as an Oculus Rift, they only have support for Windows computers at this time.  Oculus Rift minimum video card requirement is: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD R9 290 equivalent or greater.


You can use the configurations listed above as a model of the type of computer you should buy.  Asus is the brand that I own personally.  Other brands that would have good gaming configurations that are easily accessible are MSI and Alienware.

2020 Design and a Mac


2020 Design software will not run natively on the Mac IOS operating systems, but here is how you could run 2020 Design on a Mac:


  1. Use Boot Camp, it comes as a utility with the Mac IOS.  You would have to purchase a Windows operating system (OS) to install on the Mac.  The way this works is that you would partition your hard drive with Bootcamp.  Part of the drive would be Mac and the other part would be Windows.  When you turn on your Mac, it will ask if you want to boot to the Mac IOS or the Windows OS.  Apple does not support the Windows side of the system.  The Apple store Business Center suggests 8 GB of RAM on the Mac or more with this solution.   See supported Windows versions above.
  2. You need a mouse with 2 buttons and a wheel to function properly in 2020.  Windows does not recognize the Mac mouse as a proper device.


All versions of 2020 Design will run using this method.  THIS IS THE PERFERRED INSTALLATION METHOD.  2020 will not work on the Mac platform with Parallels or Vmware.


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