2020 Design Sales, 2020 Training, 2020 Consulting & 2020 Catalog Creation
2020 Design Sales, 2020 Training, 2020 Consulting & 2020 Catalog Creation 

Day 2 Training - Placing and Customizing Cabinets; Quotes.   3 1/2 to 4 hours training.  Online only.   Includes but not limited to:

  • placing cabinets in a design
  • using replace and variation to change a cabinet
  • centering cabinets or plumbing fixtures on cabinets
  • using the placement wheel to place a cabinet and accurately move it around in the drawing
  • adding inserts and modifications to cabinets
  • customizing cabinets
  • using the Designer catalog to create a custom cabinet
  • creating island configurations using the construction line tools and placing island panels
  • setting up reports
  • generating reports
  • lighting wizard
  • add trim to your drawings (moldings and countertops)
  • custom configure the floor plan schemes

All training must be done in succession.  There are things learned from one training to another that is a prerequisite to the next

2020 V10/V11 Training Day 2
200.00 USD

Day 2 Training

Placing and Customizing Cabinets from the floor plan and elevation areas; Quotes.

3.5 hour training. Online only.

2020 V10/V11 Buy all 4 Training dates
800.00 USD

Buy all 4 training dates and get 1 hour worth of phone support to answer follow-up questions. The hour can be used all at once or at my minimum charge back rate of 15 minutes at a time. Ex: call 2 times and use 30 minutes for each call.


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